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Media Agreement 

Here at TOWER DOG MEDIA, We are here to help grown and set in structures to grow your business. We cannot guarantee your success, but we will give you tried and true methods on top of the best possible marketing warfare to rise above competition.

 Herby state that under this agreement and after the end of agreement you, your employees, or other members of your family and company will not share our methodology and not limited to marketing, sales, psychology and our Intellectual Properties such as but not limited to logos, branding, websites, phone call meetings, sales tactics up selling techniques, marketing material etc. After the end of this agreement, you agree to delete all of our campaigns and ads from your account upon ending the agreement, continued use, distribution or reactivating old ads/ marketing material after this contract is ended will break our Intellectual Property agreement resulting in lawsuit where guilty party is held liable for all court and lawyer fee. You must give access to change update to your Facebook page, website etc. or anything that we need to do our duties fully. Changing ads without consent will result in terminating the agreement and you will not be refunded. You agree to follow our guidelines and rules such as but not limited to Access to Facebook business page, Ad creation, Management, Messages to clients, day to day duties and business plans / strategies, sales techniques, Methods and techniques of doing jobs. Here at TOWER DOG MEDIA, we hold high values and expectations of our clients and we will not tolerate bad business between you and clients of yours as you represent us. We offer a strict no refund policy, as our marketing consulting training pricing guides and intellectual property are given up automatically as the client pays the invoice 




Subscription Holders of DIY Ads and AD COPY

We will email them to the subscription holder email or on file with step-by-step instructions of how to upload your logo and how to ad the ad copy to your ad Ads will be sent out the 1st of each month if any delays are to occur, please check our Facebook group for information! You will NOT be eligible for prior months ads and ad copys only from when your subscription started until cancelation!




72hrs before the first of the month at 5pm Est 

i.e 29th of October 2022 to receive November 1st ads 





Options to add on

·        Website

·        Google SEO


Website Agreement (

               Website and its contents are property of TOWER DOG MEDIA all code and items in or apart of the website is Intellectual Property of TOWER DOG MEDIA. Website will be setup within 30 days of payment unless customer has extra change orders, special requests or TOWER DOG MEDIA gives notice of late delivery. If client has Domain Present, they must cooperate with TOWER DOG MEDIA to manage their DNS settings to point the domain to our website.


Failure to pay monthly fee will result in website to no longer visible. For changes to website, it must be sent in email request with subject stating – WEBSITE UPDATE REQUEST. We can change photos, updates to certain up too two times per month. ALL Payments are non-refundable. Business Gmail and Domain not included price is determined by All website packages are a 24 month commitment, canceling fee will be the remaining months of 24 month commitment times the monthly Maintenace Fee. 

Extra Pages Cost $150 

Content Writing $150 (per page)

Get high-quality, keyword-optimized, content written for your new website


Example of business email


Google SEO Agreement and Google My Business Set Up


               We have access to your website to manage change or review anything we seem necessary to complete the SEO optimization, such as but not limited to; website code, website images, website build file, all CSS and html files.  Canceling your SEO plan will result in loss of ALL SEO OPTIMATIONS and payment will be non-refundable.



Refund Policy

               We offer a strict no refund policy

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